Technology Rentals

We here at KMW IT Services feel there is a need for people to be able to work or communicate in todays world.

We also understand that owning a computer, tablet, phone or laptop can be a pain or even expensive.

Let us take the worry of your computer failing with big bills, remove the worry of having to make that right choice.

We rent

  • Computers* (base units with or without screens etc..) from £10.00 per month.
  • i5 4gb ram Laptops* from £15.00 per month installed tested and backed up*.
  • Quad core Tablets* from £5.00 per month.
  • Quad core Phones* from £5.00 per month.
  • Laser Printers* from £5.00 per month.
  • Desktop* all in one printers* from £5.00 per month.
  • Other* devices* available to rent on monthly or yearly.

All available with or without remote monitoring and backup, we will supply inks for printers on a very competitive price. Worry not should the power adaptor fail on your laptop as we will replace free of charge. Worry not should the printer fail due to mechanical fault, we will replace free of charge.

These manufacturer failures are all covered with our rental scheme.

Contact us now for a quote on a device that you require to enrich your life.

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*please note personal data is not backed up, this is down to the customer, only the computer operating systems before delivery (delivery is chargeable). The rental units have been used before so they will have some evidence of wear and tear, please be assured that we have tested the parts that matter and a small scratch on the outside will not stop the device from working. We do not insure or cover any settings or information on phones, laptops or other data storage after the delivery to the customer. We will endeavour to recover information by our tech guys who are highly skilled but data loss will not be compensated for. Manufacture defects are checked and tested by our tech guys and if failure we will replace free of charge. Abuse or damage in any way while in the customers possession will be liable to the renter/customer. Our remote help service is provided by TeamViewer, at no point do we store remote information or have access without the customer providing the remote access codes. We will carry out the task with the customers oversight, should the customer not be present he or she has agreed that they trust the tech guy to conduct the request and that they due not hold liable the tech guy. We do not record any information and our remote management system can carry out tasks based on maintenance, updates and performance enhancements. We condone the use of key loggers but do not suggest or use any keylogging system. Customers will be liable should they install a key logger and record any activity. Condition on rentals are known to be not A1 quality but we do expect the devices to be returned upon contract termination in the condition they were provided, should this not be the case we retain the right to pursue and recover costs to repair/replace damaged parts as and where needed. Photos for record purposes are retained by us for such this purpose.