We have now bought our own web server and will be installing and setting up testing over the next few months in preperation for changeover before new year. our system will host all websites and email accounts - even ours and this billing/support system will be available on our server. we will be testing and checking for stability.

Please note there will be no distruption to your hosting/email with us as we will change over slowly and one account at a time. We will be asking for information about your hosting account and email addresses and passwords for access and setup. Please note that we ask you to change this one transfer has completed for security reasons.

Having our own server will reduce escillating serve costs and keep prices as they are so no price increase. our server is top quaility with dual core and mirror drives with redundancy and ups ( uninteruptable power supply ) meaning the service will be live even when there is a power cut. and all data is duplicated and backed up so if there is a hardware failure then this will be repaired within 24hours and service as normall.

Having this server in house means we can control the quaility and service to a higher standard and keep websites alive and fast. even when other hosting services struggle with loads we wont as we will invest and re-invest in hardware to keep all hardware within one year of manufacture so information is dealt with very quickly.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us and we will answer them truthfully and quickly.

Thankyou for your continual custom - KMW IT Services Limited

Friday, August 21, 2009

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