Hi all

We have been busy here at KMW IT Services with new and existing business. We thought we out to tell you all what we are doing.

First we are working to improve our companies access finacially and also looking to improve our server access and software setup this we have been working to change to a new hosting software but we are unable to test live at this time due to lack of resources, so we are starting to expand our resources.

We are also running our other business MOT Testers www.mottesters.co.uk and dealing with day to day running enquiries with this - not easy when you have 5 email enquiries per day, we are also starting a new business called The Car Centre at www.thecarcentreltd.co.uk, this business is all about having you car repaired by trustworthy repairiers and dealing with knowledgable vehicle technicians with local car repairier prices, ie dealer standard and localrepair pricing so a full service will not cost you ?300 but could cost you ?150 thats half price but still having a dealer type service for your car. Keith is dealing with the customers directly with this one.

fact did you know that a local car service would not always include your pollen filter? this would lead to your car windscreen taking ages to defrost next winter - food for thought? tell us about it.

We also have been busy updating customers websites and computer systems remotely and onsite.

We at KMW IT Services find problems that we hear about and see potential in solving these problems which in essence is what this company is all about as we found that alot of companies are overpriced for quality service or priced well for service that is incomplete. so we fix these problems and find solutions which in somecases means starting a company/service for those customers.

If you think you dont have the right service or paying too much for what your getting then talk to us as we research every problem to an extreme level before we provide a solution and yes sometimes we recommend a company that is not us ! this may seem bad business but not when you can have commited and returning customers at the level we have.

Did you know our customer who joined us 5 years ago are still with us and new customers have yet to find someone/a company that can rival our service or commitment to our customers? think you know then tell us.

Fact - The computers we support have been virus free and working well for 6 years plus any intrusion that has affected our customers PC's has not caused any data loss and not caused any breach of security.

If you have any questions about us or the work we do please contact us by using the pre sales contact form or email us at sales@kmwitservicesltd.co.uk we welcome any intrest, comments, suggestions or complaints.

cheers for now - KMW IT Services Ltd


Sunday, January 23, 2011

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