Due to ongoing demand our current server (just over a year old) is becoming loaded to maximum so we are now having a new server built and this will operate for atleast a year.

Our current clients will be migrated over to this new server including email.

We do not fully understand this new technology (experts are working with this version) but we are under going testing with this new server to replace the existing one. We have found that although everyone can veiw the websites we are constantly under attack ( daily basis) so we have to build with this in mind.

No email or websites will be affected as we will test to make sure all is working before we transfer which will be done within 2 hours and also be done overnight to minimise downtime on visitors.

Thankyou for your continued custom as we improve in leaps and bounds with our webservers and websites.

KMW IT Services Ltd

Sunday, July 24, 2011

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