Yes I know there have been alot of "New Servers" this year - first of all we have had some enquiries as to why we have had new servers.

Well here goes

Our servers are normally replaced every year - or as per demand - this is to ensure stability at the highest performance.

but please note - we have more than 1 internet line - in fact we have 2 lines on 2 servers

we have been using 3 servers during a recent line change - thank you BT.

we had the 2 servers running on 1 line and then 1 server to test with (it gets a little complicated but this is IT for you)

we then moved the original server from the 2nd line back to the new line with its new IP address.

Now incase your wondering - each server is not on its own as we have for every 1 server there is in fact 3.

server A is for the websites ftp and email, server B is for the MYSQL database, server C is for redundantcy - so should any of the 2 website or mysql servers fail then this server will step in and continue processing requests.

so in fact we have 6 servers running at any one time, not to mention a spare server sitting next to me should any server have failed completely.

I also have my own storage server and working unit for me to work on - this site glows at night - you should see the electricity bill - oh my god.

anyway - I am digressing and appologies, if you would like to know more then please do contact us at sales@kmwitservices or call 01435862622 and ask for Keith the managing director at any time

cheers all

KMW IT Services Ltd

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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