We are pleased to announce we have built another server and are now going to migrate and split our services. First we have built a mysql server then we are transfering our customers on our second server all websites and email are going over to our main server and the main server will be split into 2 servers. main server will be website files and second server will be mysql database.

once complete we will be spliting the main server again with email so there will be server number 3 which will run the email after mysql transfer has completed.

Please note that customers should not notice any changes unless they use the squirrelmail system. this squirrelmail will change as we migrate customers over to the main server as this version is slightly different. Please contact us should you have any information stored as this wont be accessable once transfer has completed.

Each customer will be contacted on this completion and should raise any concerns or requirements before the new year as we are working between now and the new year to complete this major task.

working with 3 servers on our main system will provide a faster service as all our 3 servers run multi core processors and have large fast harddrives and large memory so they are able to handle more than they will be doing - even after transfer.

Thank you to all our customers and we hope you have a great new year

KMW IT Services

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

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