To all our website clients,

Due to new regulations, email servers, spam rules and regulations. We have now decided to move our services to a third party.
We are very sad on this as this now means that as a company we will now have to start charging all out clients for hosting which was free or at a very reduced price.
Since this is now a certainty and this will now end our in house web/email hosting service, we offer all our clients the option of moving their websites/email service to another provider or continue with us.

We cannot speak on third party systems but we can say that this is no whim or easy decision. BUT we have not taken this lightly and not just opted for the cheapest or the best priced service available. We have conducted review searches using google and bing, we have scoured the internet looking for those problem posts that hosting providers don't want you to see and also verified some posts by contacting the owners/posters to ask them if they still feel the same.

We have now decided to go forwards and have chosen to take up hosting with a UK based company that offers all that we feel is required and available. we have manages to secure a low hosting price for our clients and also we will be conducting backups of their websites and emails were possible for the first year. these will be manual backups taken from the hosting provider and stored here with KMW IT Services.

We will also keep our systems up and running were we can so that should the worst happen we can provide some sort of service to keep those websites alive.

If you feel that we cannot cater for you please contact us, we also ask that you contact us directly and if need - supply us with your web designer/helper contact details should you want ot move away from us. If you decide that we are working in your best interests - we are !!! then please allow us time to move not only your website but email accounts also as this will be a manual site by site migration to the new service provider.

Thank you for your time and patients (we started our company with third party systems so we know what we are doing here)

KMW IT Services

Monday, February 10, 2014

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