We appologise but due to our worldpay system we cannot process credit cards.
This is due to worldpay have completely messed up our account and links/settings.
We have given this our best shot but are unable to work with worldpay as they have become unresponsive.
They have not actioned our problems with credit card processing.
We understand this system should work without problems, We have customers who use worldpay and never once had issues.
We seamed to have been the unlucky ones in this process.
We had to take this situation to the financial onbudsman who have taken on our complaint and worldpay have accepted our issues now we have the big guns in place.
but still nothing has been done so therefore we have had to close our worlpay account.

This excersise has cost us over 200.00GBP we which have swallowed and we will now have to generate business to overcome this loss.
For now please can everyone take note and fall back to either bank transfers or send in cheques as they have before.

KMW IT Services

Sunday, October 25, 2015

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