Hi To All,

Up To NOW....
We have just installed our purchased SSL webserver certificate and it has been a long and exhausting process.
We are also using two websites at keepingitsimples.com and kmwit.com so please fel free to use which ever website feels better for you.
We are also continuing with all of our services that we currently do,
Such as
  • Telephone Lines and taking over telephone rental contracts.
  • Broadband on both ADSL and Fiber
  • Cable and wireless telephone and internet connections.
  • Hardware and software for end users.
  • Hardware repair service.
  • Software repair service.
  • Mobile phone repairs.
  • Laptop repairs.
  • Consultation on wifi and networking.
  • Website consultation.
  • Website build, repair, support, modifications.
  • Apple and Microsoft support,repairs and lots more.
  • NAS Systems.
  • Training on mains electrics both 240v single phase (domestic) and 3 phase supplies.
  • Shop renovations in Cyprus.
  • Learning Greek Language.
  • TV Repairs.
  • and more services also available (in certain countries)

If you wish to ask we will help, advise or even take on and quote/estimate for work so please ask us as we may supprise you.
KMW IT Services

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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