Due to current circumstances we are relocating our services to bluehost. all out clients will be moved over to the new hosting system. our current system is costing more and more every year as they increase price and currently our server is costing excess of 500 per year to just have online. our new system will cost less and we hope to continue ... Read More »

15th Nov 2020
web server

Hi to all,

We have just upgraded our server that hosts email and websites.

We have also implemented new security features to help reduce hacking attempts.

Please contact us on +35797768114 or +4401435380003

KMW IT Services

30th Oct 2019
monthly updates

All website security updates have been applied. Please note that a new version of some websites is coming up due and this may need new templates (new front looks) We apologize if this is inconvenient but as hackers get better so we must get better security. If you would like to know more please contact us on our website or send an ... Read More »

2nd Sept 2019
systems operating normally

Hi to all, we have a 4 hour down time due to hackers trying to gain entry to our system.

Security improvements have been applied and websites are now much more secure, emails are working perfectly.

Sorry for the inconvenience

KMW IT Services

29th Jun 2019
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