UK Broadband

Welcome to our new Broadband Service.

We pride ourselves on this unique broadband service for residential and business customers. We have secured a brilliant broadband package from BT , TalkTalk plus other servers and we can offer capped or unlimited* broadband packages starting at 4GB per month.

Great Broadband service for Landlords, discounts available on multi home packages.

Chat with our team on the number above or email we also have our online consultant in live chat when available.

Our Broadband Internet charges are here both in PDF and in CSV.

Delivering speeds up to 80Mbps* Businesses up to 100GB* or more*

Click here to find out if your landline can have broadband.


Business ADSL

Unlimited LLU ADSL

Home Broadband

  • Standard ADSL 8Mbps
  • ADSL+ 24Mbps
  • BT Infinity 40Mbps
  • starting at 4GB Per month @ 9.90
  • Unlimited packages available**
  • Support 24 hours a day
  • Optional router available

Download speeds of up to 40Mbps*


Business Broadband

Higher upload speeds and elevated traffic

Business ADSL/Leased Lines or ethernet over first mile.

  • upload and download speed matching
  • voip calls no problem
  • webserver or server access and data transfer
  • Optional Router available

Delivering the highest upload speeds*


Unlimited LLU (virgin type phone and internet lines) ADSL

  • Delivering an alternative to BT based connections
  • Unlimited LLU ADSL
  • We can also help if your a Talk Talk customer

Packages are so bespoke we cannot load

them on to a website or a shopping system

please call us on the above number

and we will assist in your cable line

and or ISDN lines.

We can help improve your speed and

also reduce your overheads.

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We at KMW IT Services have done our best to accommodate with customers requests together with the required external factors such as OFcom and B.T.

Here are our documents about the following

Broadband code of practice

broadband privacy policy

Broadband Migration and Cancellation

We are registered with Independent regulator and competition  ofcom authority for the UK communications industries

*all information is an example only we would recommend that to find out what service and price we can offer you we will require your landline number and possibly your address with postcode, we will then check your exchange and line and advise you on what speeds, package would suit you for your budget.

Please note that broadband when available is sold depending on your phone line capabilities as well as the phone exchanges capabilities, broadband speeds drop over distance and even though the exchange maybe the most advanced if you live 10 miles away then you will not have good internet speed. Old exchanges may only supply maximum 8mb broadband lines and as such we cannot provide a system which has not been installed by BT Openreach Engineers.