UK Landlines

Landline and Broadband Services

Welcome to KMW IT Services Landline and broadband Services page.

Yes we can and yes we do provide telephone lines and or broadband internet connection services.

We are here to help if you ever get stuck or need help.

Our services are based on BT Wholesale products and also Lines installed by Virgin.

Telephone Line rental from only 13.79 per month*.

Internet Services from as little as 10.00 per month*.

We have a broadband line checker which can check your existing phone line but we can also check by postcode…give it a try today to see what speeds you could get. Try Now

For more information on our broadband service please check our knowledge base for detailed information.

If you have any questions we have an online consultant when available and also our staff by calling the number at the top of the screen.

Our clients can contact us 24 hours a day* 7 days a week* – no more worrying about having to wait till tomorrow to have your broadband sorted out.

*please note that speed vary not only on distance from the exchange to your house but also on how many people are online at the same time. We do our best to provide the best service for the lowest price. we may recommend a cheaper broadband product due to our knowledge of the internet structure. We will always be mindful of your requirements and provide the best service to suit your needs. Contact primary is email to . Replies maybe email or phone call. outside of working hours a message will be taken and our staff will respond as soon as possible.

Welcome to our detailed information about or Landlines and Telephone Systems.

We are currently preparing to provide telephone and landline rental systems.

Our services is based on the BT and Virgin systems but as we can purchase at wholesale prices we then pass these savings on to you.

Telephone Line rentals from 13.79 GBP per month*

Here are our up to date charges….

Phone Line in PDF and CSV – our phone call charges in PDF and CSV

On new installations, we request BT engineers to attend you property to install your phone line.

With transfers, we will collect and send information provided by yourself to the BT System/Virgin/Other system and take over the running of these services.

Once this is complete we manage your lines just like BT or Virgin.

If there is any problems we will investigate using the services we can access just like BT or Virgin so line testing and checking if there is a fault.

You can always call on us to help and check if you have any issues. We also monitor our systems and will advise anyone as a customer if there should be any problems they need to be aware of.

We are a small company but with big systems, Keith has been working hard to get qualified with OFcomm and BT Systems, he has worked both here in the UK and in Cyprus with phone systems and internet services, We are an international company, still growing.

We have staff in both locations and all systems are made as remote as possible so that any of our staff can action customers concerns.

We only us English speaking staff who are native to the UK.

We also have one staff member who is native to Cyprus.

For more information please call the number above or email us from our contact us page.